Cy Cain and Casey Richwine make extraordinary, ready-to-drink cocktails, crafted to delight discerning spirits connoisseurs, using exceptional ingredients and maker-inspired commitment to detail. That’s what they say, anyway. One alternate theory is they made a grand bargain with Lucifer Sam, trading ancient recipes and bartenders’ souls at an unmarked Portland four-way. Another is that they’re ancient sorcerers sent from a multiverse to save our weary civilization with libational spells in bottles and cans. And excellent playlists. This much we know to be true: Straightaway Cocktails are damn delicious, and it’s the most fun we’ve had telling a story in ages.           

Web/Youtube/B2B Video


Written and produced by North + Straightaway. Directed, animated, edited by North. Scored by John Askew + North. Photography and stop-motion by Lindsey Swedick.