The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher and post-punk

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London Burning, Punk Rock and a Tea Party dream come true

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The art of punk posters

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Buzzcocks promotional poster for Beating Hearts, 1979

Buzzcocks Punk Poster Linder Sterling NORTH

Artist and sometime punk singer Linder Stirling’s most famous artwork adorns the cover of the Buzzcocks’ 1977 single ‘Orgasm Addict’: a collage of a naked woman with eyes for nipples and an iron for a face. This lesser-known image breaks with punk tradition for a starker, more figurative approach. It was originally distributed solely through the Secret Buzzcocks Fan Club

[Actually the writer gets part of this wrong. The Orgasm Addict cover art didn't have eyes for nipples - they were grinning female mouths as you'll see when you visit this link.]