Everything becomes magical again: A year in letters

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A year in letters

I grow old … I grow old … I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled – Prufrock Read More

My new digital strategy class at PNCA

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My Digital Strategy class at the Pacific Northwest College of Art begins again on January 30th 2013 as part of the Continuing Education program Read More

#PDXNOTPOP opening First Thursday at PNCA Portland

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#PDXNOTPOP PNCA Opening, Art, First Thursday, Dave Roos, NORTH

From the Dave Roos PDXNOTPOP site:

I’m Dave Roos. This page, and the network around it is my PNCA senior thesis project. More importantly, it’s my attempt to provide a place where the music I love can become a little easier to find. On the surface, #pdxnotpop is intended to be a way to find local music that isn’t easy to find. It’s also a way to spread information, connect communities and bring people together; bands and fans, venues and audiences, artists and bookers, you get the idea.

#ME #pdxnotpop began its life as my thesis project for a BFA in communication design at PNCA. It is, and will continue to be, much more than that. As an introduction to the thesis, and the thinking behind my thesis, I reproduce the abstract here. Jesus. That sounds a little academic, but…

Visit the site for more.