Musicians versus the Internet: A Salon interview

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“I did all I could with what I had.” – Joe Louis Read More

Kevin Spacey understands what TV viewers want

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TV versus Internet

“The audience just want stories…” Read More

Matthew Yglesias: the Internet effect on news is good, there’s more of it

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Internet news media

Pundits like Samuelson seem to long for an age when wise men, from their platforms at major news orgs, sifted truth from falsehood and delivered sound judgment to the masses Read More

Digital throttling

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The airwaves, the cable systems and even access to the Internet have been overtaken by monopolists Read More

A message with MOOCs in mind

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Education in an era of new technology Read More

How the web used to be and what we lost

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This isn’t our web today Read More

Billy Corgan hates Pitchfork

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Well, the further I try to get away from this stuff, the more I get dragged back in. My last tiff with a musician with a beef took up a lot of my time, so I’ll try and keep this one short. Read More

The Internet could not care less about your mediocre band

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Last week I read with fascination the outcry of the self-appointed, self-centered “defenders” of musicians vs the Internet. i.e. musicians. The brouhaha had been kindled by a 20 year-old intern at NPR, Emily White, who made a confession that upset tDavid Lowery and grownups in general who can write. Read More

Color: raising millions, failing badly. Instagram: fine thanks

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The color of money: $41 million to get nowhere Read More

The new American service economy: Adapt or die

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Brands need to co-create value with their customers Read More

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