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Like, Facebook

What the Internet bringeth, the Internet taketh away Read More

The social web and your privacy: a look back

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privacy in social

Zuckerberg…denounced privacy as a ‘social norm’ of the past Read More

Life after Facebook

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Mobile messaging apps versus Facebook Read More

Douglas Rushkoff: Present Shock

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Homer Simpson, remains in a suspended, infinite present Read More

So I closed my Facebook account

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Some thoughts about closing my Facebook account Read More

In 2012 our world didn’t end. It shifted again

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The future has yet to be written Read More

Beyond the white noise there’s a love song

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Memory translates experience, essay translates memory. Thoughts on David Foster Wallace – love and addiction, storytelling and advertising and the role of media Read More

Social media marketing media

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The failure of social media marketing Read More

Trust is not implicit. What now Cloud?

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Trust is ill-advised in a digital age. Think before you store. Read More

An army of fakers

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Technology and social media do not transform us. We are technological beings Read More

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