Digital spangle

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A message with MOOCs in mind

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Alan Watts – If money was no object what would you do?

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My new digital strategy class at PNCA

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Michael Bierut and the failure of design school

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The Right Brain Initiative website brought to you by NORTH and RACC

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The Right Brain Initiative (Because all gray matter matters.)

North RACC Right Brain Initiative Portland

Here at NORTH, we occasionally get a project that’s more labor of love, a project of passion, than a job. When RACC came to us for help branding an initiative to integrate the Arts into Portland-area schools, how could we resist? After all, without creative brains, NORTH would be, well, south.

The Right Brain Initiative was born two years ago and continues to grow in leaps and bounds, school to school, in person and online. Now NORTH and RACC are proud to announce the launch of The Right Brain Initiative website. The revitalized site is both an explosion of creativity and a hard-working information portal for teachers, artists and supporters.

In fact, we designed the interface much like a brain – both sides supporting each other to ensure a whole success. On the left side, we have the logical, linear navigation leading you through the site, step by step. On the right side, the navigation is intuitive and the experience is 360 degrees full-tilt imagination. Look for hidden messages, watch a film and check out the Brain Food section for arts-integrating ideas.

Please visit the website and learn how you can get involved. Because now is not the time to cut creative opportunities from our schools, leaving kids half-interested, half-motivated, half-prepared. We think you’ll agree, no right brain should be left behind.

And education comes in last..

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Housing Education Health NORTH

I was reading an article this morning about housing’s share of the average household budget, which included the graph above. What struck me wasn’t the yawning gap between food and housing costs in 1945 [although it's safe to say that was something to do with the war;] what stood out is that today, we spend more on healthcare than anything else and education has remained consistently last in household spending over the decades.

That could explain a lot.