Tablets versus PC, Jony Ive versus Scott Forstall

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Simplicity is not the absence of clutter, that’s a consequence of simplicity. – Jony Ive Read More

Portland Digital eXperience conference: A discussion with Spotify and Shazam

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How many music streaming services do we need? My talk with Shazam and Spotify Read More

Krugman on Microsoft versus Apple

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Paul Krugman:

And now for something completely different: I haven’t seen anyone point this out, but the very interesting Times story on why Microsoft is building its own tablet was a perfect illustration of Oliver Hart’s theory of the firm.

Just briefly: the theory of the firm asks why we sometimes rely on contracts — I sign an agreement with your company to make my widget — and sometimes go for direct control: I employ people to make widgets. Hart (and others) argue that such things depend crucially on our inability to write complete contracts, specifying all details — and that the incompleteness of contracts can pose problems for investment decisions. For example, if you contract with other people to build equipment, they may be unwilling to invest in quality in the belief that you will use your sole-buyer status to extract the benefits.

And that, apparently, is exactly what has been going on with Microsoft; its reliance on other people to build computers using its software worked very well for a long time, but lately Apple’s control-freak approach has been winning out.

Lots more to say, and I’m still on vacation, but this article was great fodder for the kind of economic analysis that I would be doing more of if we weren’t in such dire straits.

Ping: Even Apple can get social wrong

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I saw this article today from Macworld, about what appears to be the demise of Apple’s Ping. I always thought it was a flawed product but I also found it far easier to ignore it than to criticize it. Read More

Mobile Me

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Working with the mobile tether Read More

Where a Brand Lives in the World

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it seems this has been around forever, but somehow it’s even more relevant today Read More

A problem of aging leadership at American design firms

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Gmail’s redesign signals the aging of American design Read More

Apple designer Jonathan Ive collection at MOMA

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The man behind the design of the iPod and more Read More

Apple to sell the Kickstarter funded Tik Tok Nano Watch

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Tik Tok – funds raised on Kickstarter, now on sale at Apple stores Read More

Apple secretly tracks your iPhone 4 locations: there is an app for that

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Apple tracks Iphone location

Apple has another can of worms popped open Read More

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