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It’s complicated out there on the social web. With the news that Google purchased Wildfire, we can see that the large web companies are still searching for ways to bring more contextual and relevant advertising into the social space. Even Oracle jumped in to the fray by purchasing Involver.

With the rise in mobile web traffic and the continued rise in iPad sales, people are accessing information not only through mobile but in a mobility context too. There is a difference, as this Harvard Business Review article asks: “Are you launching apps for a mobile channel or creating a multi-platform device agnostic mobility strategy?

As always, strategy first, tactics later. Mobile is linked to devices: ie, it is a static medium wherever the user and the device are, whereas mobility changes with context.

Anyway, it’s serious business right? In a less serious but hopefully non-facile way, North’s in-house Social Lab team now has a Tumblr where we will be sharing our thoughts, found digital objects, the latest and greatest in social web company news, and so on… Please join us!