Medium – Ev Williams latest startup

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It’s a hybrid, at the intersection of blogging systems and commenting systems Read More

Dark social, it’s a thing, sort of

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Where does your website traffic really come from? Read More

Social media marketing media

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The failure of social media marketing Read More

Dear musicians beware, the social construct is shifting again

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Streaming music services require musicians to create new markets Read More

An army of fakers

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Technology and social media do not transform us. We are technological beings Read More

The North social lab

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The NORTH social whirl Read More

Yeah, this will really work

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Why would Ogilvy & Mather wade into this swamp? Read More

Your Facebook marketing investment: A law of diminishing returns

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Don’t ignore Facebook, but watch the law of diminishing returns. Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest more proportional to your efforts Read More

The fracturing of social and media and agencies

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My sense of the anxiety the digital agency folks are feeling is in part based on them having to deal with the post-IPO world of Facebook. Everyone is now peering behind the curtain. There is no more mystery. Facebook is now a publicly-traded company that has to deliver profits for its investors; there’s something inherently less sexy about that. Read More

Staring at the end of an era

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In September I am giving a keynote speech at a Hewlett Packard-backed conference at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland. Europe feels like the right venue for a discussion about cloud computing, multimedia and the unhappy lot of the musicians and their supporters who haven’t smelled the rotting whale blubber, as it were. Read More

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