An interview with Sasha Frere-Jones of the New Yorker

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The New Yorker

Some kind of business model needs to remain in place, or we won’t have albums like “Dysnomia.” Read More

More thoughts on music tech rhetoric inspired by David Byrne

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David Byrne on the effects of acoustic environments and media on music Read More

Leaving the music tech rhetoric behind

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Image: Enrique Dans

Dear musicians, everything is up to you, all of the time Read More

Rick Moody and Dave Allen discuss the music distribution problem

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The economics of creativity are more in flux today than ever before Read More

Helping students learn how to think

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The rise of the MOOCs Read More

Bring on the Mad Men and the Barbarians

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To live past the end of your myth is a perilous thing Read More

A message with MOOCs in mind

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Education in an era of new technology Read More

Streaming of music does not lead to music sales

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future of music

Why pay for music? Read More

Life after Facebook

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Mobile messaging apps versus Facebook Read More

The building blocks of the present rest upon the foundations of the past

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Every generation renews itself in its own way; there’s always a reaction against whatever is standard Read More

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