Musicians versus the Internet: A Salon interview

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“I did all I could with what I had.” – Joe Louis Read More

Musicians versus Spotify: It’s about scale

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Home taping is killing music Read More

Musicians on the wrong side of history

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Against Silicon Valley

We Should Go Up There (to Silicon Valley) With Pitchforks and Torches – T Bone Burnett Read More

Tim Quirk works for Google Play

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Tim Quirk, Google

You cannot devalue music – Tim Quirk Read More

Raise taxes on the rich musicians

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Led Zeppelin, Tax musicians

If musicians are truly struggling in the new markets, will rich musicians bail them out? Read More

Never mind that last post – here’s what’s happening – Lorde covers

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Lorde, Royals, Covers

I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh Read More

I disagree with David Byrne and his Spotify stance

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David Byrne, Spotify

A rebuttal to David Byrne and his stance on Spotify Read More

Kevin Spacey understands what TV viewers want

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TV versus Internet

“The audience just want stories…” Read More

Musical interlude: Never mind Miley Cyrus here’s Earl Sweatshirt

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Miley Cyrus

“Do I really have to introduce myself…?” Read More

TechFestNW a panel discussion: Musicians and the Internet

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TechFestNW Conference, OMSI

Some thoughts on digital music and music streaming services prior to a panel discussion Read More

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