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A farewell to NORTH

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It’s certainly a cliché to write that all good things must come to an end but there are often times when it can be used in the correct context; this is one of those times. I’ve had a great time working with the team at NORTH but a new opportunity came my way, one that I couldn’t turn down.

I have joined Beats Music, the streaming music arm of Beats By Dre, as Director, Artist & Music Industry Advocacy. This new role takes me full circle back to my professional music roots and ironically, back to advocating for new music distribution models as I did when I was General Manager for eMusic.com in 1998.

I’m not leaving Portland, and Mark and Rebecca, the principles at NORTH, are keeping the doors open to the office for me so I can jump on the office Wi-Fi whenever I get cabin fever working from home. I will also be occasionally guest blogging on the NORTH website – so we are not entirely cutting the chord.

For those who are interested I will continue to write LinkedIn Influencer articles here. I will be posting my broad cultural posts to the Beats Music blog and I’m going to attempt to keep my own website up to date. I also returned to Facebook after a year; for the record although I deleted my account a year ago, upon logging in again everything remained intact – you can never “leave” Facebook!

For everyone who read my posts and essays here on this blog I have enjoyed your comments immensely, so thanks for that support.

To the NORTH team I say au revoir “until I see you again…”

It was a good thing.


  • Doug Lowell

    Holy cow! A significant loss for North, but happily not for Portland. Good luck with this exciting next thing.